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A Comprehensive House Removal Package

Interstate moving Tips

Some people might assume that a comprehensive removal service is one that handles the packing, and while this is an essential service, there are removal services in Stroud that go one better. The removal specialist will also remove the accumulated waste and junk that we all gather over a few years, and this means you don’t have to order a skip and pay to have the waste removed.

House Clearance Experts

When you sell your house, you should leave it in clean condition, just as you would expect to find it if you were the new owner or tenant. The specialist removal firm will clean the interior to a very high standard and also dispose of the waste in a responsible manner, something that is very important.

Services Offered

A comprehensive removals company would have the following services:

  • Packing – If the customer prefers to self-pack, the removalist would provide all packing materials.
  • House Cleaning & Clearance – Once all your possessions are securely loaded, the house would be cleaned and all unwanted items removed and disposed of responsibly.
  • Temporary Storage Facilities – It is often the case when the move cannot be completed immediately, and in such cases, the removal company would have access to secure temporary storage.

Fully Insured

While the removal team would take every precaution, accidents do happen, and the removalist should be fully insured. This would include any damage as the result of a road traffic accident, as well as damage sustained when loading and unloading.

There are companies that offer the above services at an affordable price, and using an online business directory is the easiest way to make contact.