Home Flooring & Roofing Benefits Of Honed Concrete To Modify Your Premises

Benefits Of Honed Concrete To Modify Your Premises

Honed Concrete To Modify Your Premises

The term ‘honed concrete’ is typically used to demonstrate a type of grinding that gives an even and smooth finish. The usage of honed concrete has increased rapidly over the past few years for showcasing a stunning style statement and bringing in a plethora of other beneficiary factors. It’s considered to be one of the best and efficient flooring solutions for outdoor areas like swimming pools, driveways, footpaths, verandas, porches, and other similar sections of the property. It ensures a perfect blend of style and durability. Property owners and home builders give utmost priority to honed concrete when it comes to exterior areas like poolside because its trendy, adds an exquisite touch and cost-effective, ensuring long-lasting usage.

Consider these 5 benefits of installing honed concrete in your property and make the right flooring choice.


The durability of honed concrete is unmatched as compared to other flooring materials. Other than being extremely hard wearing and stain-resistant, it’s also very easy to clean especially when installing in and around areas like swimming pools and driveways.

Low- maintenance 

Honed concrete is different than polished concrete as it is primarily used for outdoor areas. It’s the best possible option for swimming areas because of its chlorine and salt resistance. Stains can be easily avoided if the material is resistant to oils and other chemical substances. One easy wash will never fail to give it a brand new look, contributing to its low-maintenance factor.


One of the best and foremost advantages of installing honed concrete in and around the pool area is due to its good traction. It’s slip-resistant in both wet and dry settings. The design of this particular type of flooring might exhibit a smooth look, but the texture is rough enough to prevent slipping.

Trendy designs

Honed concrete flooring offers you with an array of choices when it comes to colours, shapes, patterns and other design specifications. You can always pick the best design according to your pool size and other requirements. Therefore, when selecting the right set of specialists for your home renovation, you can always choose and place your trust in professional service providers like DS GrindingThey not only provide a variety of designs, but their craft is stylish, diverse, modern and perfectly customised for all kinds of pool sizes and shapes.


Investing in something durable yet cost-effective is something that we always aim for. Upon following the recent market trends, honed concrete is one of the most economical and affordable flooring choices that home buyers are readily going for. There is a wide range of professionals, who provide and install honed concrete Perth.

Hands-down, honed concrete flooring is the most advanced grinding option that can be blindly relied upon. Its durability and slip-resistance make it ideal for outdoor areas like the pool. Opting for such kind of flooring would be a sound decision as it brings both aesthetic and economic values to your property.