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Boost Your Wood Fired Hot Tub With These Tips

Wood Fired Hot Tub

In the cold season, everyone loves to have a hot bath. People love to spend a long time in a hot tub in this season. However, warming such large volumes of water will require a lot of energy. If you want to do so electrically, your electricity bills will soar high. An exciting alternative to electricity is by turning towards natural sources. People have burned wood to generate heat energy for ages. Now you can also burn wood to get the water warm in your hot tubs. The following tips will help you to boost your wood fired hot tubs in minimal time.

Have a proper plan

Before you start burning your woods, you must have a definite plan. It will help if you decide how long you are going to use your hot tubs. If you have lesser family members, you will require less energy. However, for large families, you need to burn more wood. You will also need to consider the tub’s size and the volume of water it can hold. If you have a large tub, you need to heat the water inside it by burning more wood.

Make proper firewood preparations beforehand

If you want to use wood for burning, you need to prepare them well in advance. You need to have different sizes of wood that can fill the space below the tub. You can also have a separate chamber for burning wood, which is connected to the hot tub. The connecting channel will transfer the heat energy to the tub. You will also need to dry the woods since moisture will prevent its burning. You can also use some small sticks or dried grass that quickly catches fire. All these preparations must be done long in advance before it is used.

Check the water level in the tub

After connecting the tub with the wood-burning chamber, you must check the tub’s water level. The water level must not be too less that most of the heat energy is wasted. Too little water level and also leads to heating of the tub, causing damage to it. If you pour in too much water, it will take longer for the water to get warm. Moreover, you will need excess wood for such a condition. Fill in enough water that you will need for your bathing, and use ample wood for burning and warming such water level.

Use inflammable substances to burn the wood easily

Although it is beneficial to dry the woods before burning, the woods might take time to catch fire. It can be due to some residual moisture remaining in the woods. In such a scenario, you can apply different inflammable substances to the woods so that they can catch fire easily. You can smear the woods with oil or a pinch of butter. You can also spread camphor powder in the woods. These inflammable substances will allow you to light a fire in your woods in less time.

Over-relying on electrical energy has its limitations. Having wood fired hot tubs at your place will enable you to stay natural and experience the sound of crackling logs. You can boost your wood fire supported hot tub by following the tips mentioned above.