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Common Signs That You Need an Electrician


An electrician is a skilled tradesman who specialises in carrying out repairs, maintenance, and installation of electrical equipment and components. Electricity is a vital cornerstone of modern civilisation, and it is almost impossible to imagine life without electricity. However, meddling with it is dangerous, because it is a very powerful force. If you do not know what you are doing, you might end up getting seriously injured or electrocuted. Each year, thousands of people around the globe die due to electrocution. Some issues that might arise from time to time include:

  • Voltage fluctuation
  • Circuit breaker trips consistently
  • Problems with the wiring

If there’s any problem with the circuitry or the electrical equipment, you should call an electrician. If an electrician needed in Birmingham, you can just search online for local companies. Here are a few signs for which you will need to hire an electrician.

Lights Flickering and Voltage Dips

Voltage is generally regarded as the speed at which current flows. If there is a dip in electrical voltage, it can cause extensive damage to your appliances and your electrical equipment. A clear sign that the voltage is fluctuating is when you notice the lights flickering or the ceiling fans getting slow. You should turn off the mains and call an electrician right away.


If you notice sparks emanating from the electrical wiring, you should call an electrician as quickly as possible. Again, to play it safe, it’s best if you turn off the supply from the mains valve and then wait for the electrician to arrive.