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How Can You Improve Home Security For Your Child?

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Your child may occasionally be left home alone as they get older, which can be a difficult adjustment period for parents. To ease your concerns about your child’s safety while at home, there are a few things you can do to strengthen your home’s security.

What can you do to improve home security?

The security of your child’s home can be significantly increased thanks to ongoing advancements in home security measures. Your child will feel less pressure to answer the door if you install cameras and voice or video intercoms on your front door. Some systems let you view the video on your phone, so even when you’re not home, you can let your kids know when it’s safe for them to answer the door. Installing an access control system will allow your child to have a code to enter your gated property and guarantee that no other people can get in. If you are frequently absent from your property, installing CCTV cameras can serve as an effective deterrent.

Give your child emergency contact details

Ensure that your child has the emergency contact numbers stored in their phone or on a list so they know what to do in an emergency. If they are locked out of the house or have a problem with a home security system, it might even be a good idea to give them the number of an emergency locksmith.

Things your child can do to improve home security

Avoid answering the door

If your child doesn’t know it’s a family member or friend that you know is coming to your house, tell them not to worry about answering the door. If kids know they’ll be safe inside, it can make them feel a lot safer when they’re at home alone.

Not leaving unless it is an emergency

Make sure your child stays inside the house during your absence, unless there is an emergency, if they are too young to be trusted with the responsibilities of leaving the house, activating all of the home security systems, and locking the doors. Make sure you have explained this to them and that they are aware of an emergency action plan.

Know the numbers

Your child won’t worry when they are at home alone if they know exactly what to do and who to call in case of an emergency. Installing the appropriate home security systems will help your child feel confident that they know how to keep themselves safe in the house and will eliminate any fears they may have about their safety.

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