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How Innovative Design Plays A Big Part In A Building Project


Humans are creatures that are designed to solve problems. Since thousands of years ago we have started to come up with innovations that make our lives easier.

We created tools from stones to hunt animals and chop our foods, we created wheels to make our job a little easier, we invented telecommunication devices, vehicles, satellite, microchip, computer, and many other things because we always have problems that need solutions. Until today we keep on innovating and always come up with all kinds of new inventions that change our lives and change the way we do things.

These innovations also change the way people construct buildings. With a lot of new tools and construction devices being invented, a construction that usually takes years to build now can only take months. Building styles are also changing, everyday there’s always people who come up with new design to answer the current needs. Along with these innovative designs, some new genres of building designers are born.

For example, today we can see a lot of builders who specialize in making portable buildings. These were originally built to answer the needs for housing and public facilities during the baby boom era after the war. At that time, they need to build a lot of new housing units, schools, as well as some other public facilities quickly.

The solution was, people back then were using containers and pre-fabricated panels that can be brought into the construction site and attached to one another to create a building. This type of building keeps on evolving and today many people are using portable buildings as temporary or permanent offices, additional classes in school buildings, even for modern homes.

Homes for disabled people are another great example. Even though it’s much easier to hire somebody to do all kinds of house work, but most disabled people actually prefer to do things for themselves. However, it will be quite difficult for them to do everything in a regular home, some task are even simply impossible for them. So what these people need is a house built specifically for disabled people.

In order to help people in wheelchairs for example, they will need wider doorways. Cupboards and some other storage facilities would also need to be lowered, so they are not hard to reach. Working in a regular kitchen is usually very hard for disabled people, so this is one of the places in the house that will require a lot of attentions.

The surfaces in the kitchen should be built at the right level, such as the sink should be low enough so the person can wash the dishes while sitting on a wheelchair, handles on taps should also be reachable by the person easily. Another place that requires attention is the bathroom, because you need a total privacy in this area so it should be built in a way that a disabled person can do whatever needs to be done without help.

Today new kinds of innovative designs keep on emerging to make our lives

This article was written by Bernard Maton with the help of Craymanor – visit Craymanor Design