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Seven Good Habits Keep Your Home Greener Than Ever

Seven Good Habits

Have you got this feeling that the items are increasing day by day and the storage space is too narrow to hold these items? Do not worry! Seven good habits help you solve this kind of problem and add some “green” to your home.

Recently, the letting go living concept is in popular. It advocates that people enjoy the simplicity, beautiful and high quality life by the letting go living way. This kind of life not only advocates the green and environment protection, thrift and optimistic living attitude, but also the release and liberate of the spirit pressure. Do you want to have a try? The simple seven habits can help you make it.

Do not hoard

Do not store consumables like the tissue and preservative film. You might save some money on discount, but it leads you to waste more. You would spend more money on them. Once stop hoarding, you would be more prudent and try out all kinds of life wisdom. For example, you can seal the container to replace the preservative film and gauze replaces the tissue. In this way, you can decrease the usage ratio of the consumables and in return, you get refreshing life.

Do not buy

Impulse shopping offers you a joyful feeling. But you might regret a lot after getting these things home. Therefore, if the items are in a not essential condition, you should insist not to buy them. If in this way, you home only exists the genuine like and essential items.

Do not take

For the free things, they are rarely treasured by people. Therefore, most of the people just forget them in a corner of the house. So the first step for letting go life is that do not take. For example, do not accept the free plastic bags and replace it by your self-prepared bag. And for the free issued but useless to you items, you should keep the let go attitude.

Throw away

Form the habit to throw away the useless. The magazines and the brochure pass a certain amount, you should throw them away. For the unused beautiful biscuit boxes, out of date food, throw them away.


Before adding a new item, you should think that is there anything in the home can replace it. For example, the funnel only used for once or twice a year, you may replace it by the plastic board to roll it a funnel. It is not for making up the difficulties, but for creating abundance.


For the usually used items, you could borrow or rent from others. You may discuss with your friends or neighbors for what unusual used items are and every family may buy one different item. In this way, you can decrease the unnecessary waste.

Nothing to bother without it

Before shopping, you can ask yourself that is this item essential. And use this question frequently. you may get the answer that it does matter without it. This kind of items has a lot in your lives.