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The Do’s And Don’ts For Avoiding Trips and Falls In The House


One of the major causes of accidents and injuries in the home is falls, trips, and slips. This is especially true for older adults. Trips and falls account for a large percentage of injury and can range from a minor bruise to a more severe traumatic injury that could result in a short term or permanent disability. This could include broken bones, head injury, and lacerations. A trip or a fall could happen to anyone of any age, and a resulting injury may have a different impact on the body, but eliminating the causes of the impending danger is a necessity.

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Preparing the home so that it is free from potential trips and falls are the best way to avoid the damage that they may incur. Sometimes flooring will need to be repaired or resurfaced, and this main cause of in-home accidents. One important thing to do is to keep the floors clean and free from clutter.

Often times the clutter in the home can be managed by finding places to put things besides in the floor. Clean up extension cords that can be easily tripped over. There are various companies that have cable covers and electrical cord protectors that can make the task of securing and clearing up extension cords easy. Click here to know more about such companies and their products.

Add proper lighting

Some areas in the home may be dark with only a little light. At night, these areas are even more difficult to see. Make sure that the home has lighting bright enough to allow for any dark areas to be clearly seen especially at night. Places like hallways and stairways need ample lighting to reduce the potential for trips and falls. This is very beneficial for older adults and children. Steps of the stairway are more often hidden if there is not enough illumination.

Install handrails or bars where applicable

Many homes could benefit from the installation of handrails on the stairways, and in the bathrooms to assist older adults and children with climbing and sitting. This is a common trip and fall location that can result in excruciating pain, and possible broken bones and head injuries.

Climbing stairs is not easy for everyone, and the aid of a handrail will greatly reduce the chance of a fall. A sure way to safeguard the home against hazards is to get expert advice on the things that could be done.

Wear proper footwear inside the home

Often times fall in the home can result from not having on the right type of shoes while inside. All footwear is not for indoors. They may slip on certain surfaces, or the bottoms will get caught in the clutter that lies around.

Proper footwear is essential for the inside of the home especially if there is limited walk space, and you have to be careful when walking in certain areas. House slippers are good, but not for an older adult who may slip out of them as they walk, thus, causing a fall.

Other precautions for reducing trips and falls is the use of a step stool for reaching higher places like closet shelves, and cabinets. Make sure that the person using the ladder has no health issues like vertigo or even a fear of heights. These will definitely cause a fall.

Ensuring the all spills are cleaned up immediately is a great deterrent to falls. Spills will happen, and the clean up should happen shortly afterwards. Taking all necessary precautions to prevent trips and falls is the best way to reduce the possibility of the danger that could be caused in the home.