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Tips to consider when opting for a garage door

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When you’re planning to buy a new garage door, you need to keep various factors in mind. It is a big investment and you have to prioritise the durability, safety and security of your home. Once you buy and fix garage doors, you might not look for one for a very long time! For this reason, you should look into some important aspects before you opt for garage doors that might fit your needs.

Key factors to note before you buy a garage door:

Security Features: Whatever it may be, your number one priority is always to keep your family safe and protected. So make sure you explore the various security features that are available for garage doors. If the Garage Doors you opt for has a window, it can be easier to break into in comparison to a door. If you are concerned about break-ins, opt for a door that doesn’t have a window. Install security cameras and motion sensors around your house to provide additional protection. This is really important, especially if you’re looking to buy Garage Doors Melbourne.

Storm and Wind Resistance: You have to make sure that the garage door you opt for can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you leave the garage door open during windy or dusty days, it might damage your garage and home. That’s why; the garage door has to be closed immediately after use. If your garage door is prone to wind and storm damage, you will need to replace it sooner than expected! In general, garage doors available in Melbourne are quite strong and can withstand harsh weather.

Door Type: There are different types of designs for garage doors. If your house is in Melbourne, you should opt for garage doors that are a practical fit for your home. Some people opt for sectional garage doors as it might take up the least amount of space and can be cost-friendly. You can also consider owning a tilt-up or a swinging garage door. Take a good look at the different types of garage doors and how they work.

Sectional Garage Doors: The door consists of parts that are joined together with the help of hinges. The door can bend and move vertically so that it can be opened and stored above your car. Such doors are most popular as they are made of steel and have low maintenance.

Roll up Doors: These garage doors are made of horizontal slats that can curve and bend into a barrel above the garage door when opened. However, they are mostly used in commercial garages or storage units rather than homes. The door is made of steel and offers high security but it should be noted that this door doesn’t offer protection in high wind or hurricane prone areas.

Tilt up Doors: Canopy-style or tilt up doors make use of a single, solid door that tilts up into the garage with the help of a pivoting hinge mechanism. When open, a part of the door might extend into your garage. There is a retractable variant that can completely go into the garage when you open it.

Swinging Doors: Such doors have hinges on its sides that can allow the door to swing open rather than moving up or down. The old-fashioned design looks similar to barn doors and can be less common in modern houses as they are unable to withstand harsh weather conditions.