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Tips To Decorate Your Home With Ready Mixed Concrete


It is the age of readymade products which are designed to speed up the complete span of a constructional project. Truly it is the age of pre-engineered and fabricated stuff right from PEB steel structures to decorative concrete. Readymade concrete is in trend because it is easy to play around with the colour and textures of concrete used in the construction of residences or commercial zones. Decorative concrete is good for renovation projects – a brand new look can be given in an easy, price-friendly way.

Look up for concrete ways to create a stunning home experience

Aesthetic has always captivated the human mind and there has been every effort to decorate one’s living place with things that are beautiful and pleasing to eyes. There has been a major evolution in the way of building a home.

The building is not just about erecting pillars, columns and walls to create a living space – it is about designing an unparalleled experience in home living. The focus is both on the integrity of the construction structures as well as the aesthetic part (aimed to create the most stunning visual appeal.

Just imagine how beautiful would your driveway look with stone textured concrete painted in earthy colours or your patio reflects a wooden look. Thanks to readymade decorative concrete which can add an instant glam appeal to the home environment.

Decorative concrete nowadays come in varied forms – as coloured, stamped and polished concrete and decorative overlay. It has become a popular choice among people.  The demand for decorative concrete supply has enhanced for several purposes, including the building of concrete patio, pool deck, etc.

How can decorative concrete accentuate the look of home

Stamped Concrete is the best ready mix solution to create amazing textures on the concrete layout (before it dries up). A stamping tool is used to replicate the textures of wood, tile, stone and likewise. Stamped concrete, in its original and coloured option, is the most sought-after choice because of innumerable texture choices and affordability.

Overlay concrete is ideal for home renovation projects because it increases durability. A decorative concrete overlay can give a polished look (mechanical grinder or diamond pad is used for work) to areas which require repair work. In a way, recurrent repair works are minimised which saves energy, time and money.

Is decorative concrete a brand new idea?

Creation of decorative concrete is not a new concept. The first instance of decorative concrete dates back to the 1950s. They were coloured concrete created by adding iron oxide to the original grey coloured cement. Such addition helped to supply earth-coloured concrete to builders. Advancement of technology has facilitated innovation in this field. Use of advanced volumetric mixers has sorted out the problem of mixing water, grey cement and the added colours. The suppliers have to really consistent in the proportion of the ingredients that go into the making of decorative concrete in unique colours.

Supplying ready mix decorative concrete to construction builders, contractors and homeowners is indeed a concrete business. It is touted as a profitable business in the market.