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Turn your bedroom into Oasis with stick-on wallpaper

bedroom into Oasis with stick-on wallpaper

Decorating your bedroom is extremely important for your mental health. We already know home décor is a thing, but no one ever talks about the importance of room décor. Moreover, many people assume that giving your room a luxurious and classic look is always worth it, and any other look will look lame.

Well, it is not the case with your bedroom. The reason why we are emphasizing you to try a new look for the bedroom is your peace. An oasis is something extraordinary, and you will not get to have this look quite often unless you are on vacation. So, why not make your every day a holiday? Now you must be wondering how it will be possible; it is achievable through the wallpaper.

In this article, we will discuss a few tips that can make your room an oasis for you. It can be different every month, but all you need to do is select the best bedroom peel and stick wallpaper.

Choose the right color.

What comes to your mind when you think about an oasis? It can be some bluish lake or sea, so you must choose the colors that reflect the idea of Oasis. It can be any color; just use your imaginations. For instance, if I would think about an oasis, blue, green, and sea green colors will come to my mind.

You should try the nude and soft colors. Choosing bright colors will give an aggressive and bold look, and it might not give a soothing vibe.

The right print

When you are using the stick wallpapers to decorate your room, and it is a themed décor, then the wallpaper’s print must also synchronize with the idea you have for the bedroom décor. For instance, a floral or green leafy print will work. You must mix and match, but do not deviate from the natural look, as you are exclusively creating a place that will remind you of mother nature.

Create an accent wall

Do not create an overwhelming look. It will make the room very congested. You should choose a wall that is clear and right in front of you. It can be the one in front of your bed. Paste the most prominent wallpaper there. It will be the accent wall; doing so is important otherwise, the room will look very mundane.

The complimentary walls

Now for the remaining three walls, you should choose a light-toned wallpaper with minimal prints. It will only be for the complimentary look. Say if you have pasted a flowery wallpaper on the accent wall, then you must think of having light green or sea green colored wallpaper with tiny prints on it for the remaining three walls. It will give a better look to the room. Moreover, you will not have to think of buying some décor items; the stick and peel wallpaper will be enough for the décor.

The cupboards and shelves

If you own a big room with different shelves, racks, or cupboards, then do not ignore them. These articles will add to your room décor. You should choose some dark colors for the smaller racks, create a background in the rack area, and create boundaries for the shelves. Do not cover the flat surfaces of the shelves with the wallpaper; it will not look prominent and will only waste your money and time.

The roof

The last thing that can be spruced up with the help of peel and stick wallpaper is the roof. You might think of neglecting it, but trust us, adding colors to the roof will be the best thing you can do. However, you should be very careful and selective while doing so. It depends on the color theme you have selected for the room.

For example, if your accent wall is of bold color, then the roof should have a light color like off white, baby pink, light blue, or lavender shades.


Bedroom wall décor is all about the right colors and the right patterns. A slight miss-match can lead to a disaster, therefore, it is better to first call the wallpaper manufacturers and ask for the available shades. Then ask them for samples to test.