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3 Types Of Skip Bins That Are Available For Hire In Your Local Area.

Skip Bins

Over the years, we accumulate a lot of junk in our lives and this is junk that we refuse to throw away. We have had it for years and have never used it and it has come to the point that we are running out of storage space in our own homes. Maybe it’s time for a clear out and for that you are going to need to hire a skip. Skips are great and all you need to do is to call the skip hire company, give them your address and they will drop one off. It really is that easy and when it’s full, they come and pick it up again.

If you are a contractor and doing larger jobs, then you can get a 6-yard skip in Lewisham to suit your requirements. There are a number of different skips to suit all situations.

  1. For homeowners, they may only need a smaller skip for items like old furniture or grass cuttings from a garden clear out. The mini skip is perfect for this and can be left anywhere there is the smallest of spaces.
  2. For the larger contract jobs, there are skips available with a drop down front. These are called walk-in skips and they reduce heavy lifting. You just walk or wheelbarrow in the items that you want to throw away.
  3. Skips now come with lockable lids and these are necessary now in litigious times in the UK. People and animals regularly climb into skips and hurt themselves and you are liable if that happens.

There is a skip to suit all situations and they are really affordable to hire. It’s dropped off and when it is full. It is taken away. Simple.