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5 Safety Items Your Business Should Absolutely Have at All Times

Fire Extinguishers

When you own a company, liability is always a serious concern. Every day your employees go to work or your customers visit you, they are essentially taking risks because they are putting themselves in your company’s hands. In other words, people count on you to protect them from dangers that could occur when you least expect them. This is why it is important for businesses to have the right protective measures in place to keep employees and customers safe. Here are the five safety items you should have on location at all times.

1. Fire Extinguishers

Fires start when you least expect them. Fire extinguishers are the best defense when it comes to putting out small fires at a business because extinguishers are simple to use and should be easy to locate throughout the building. But don’t stop there. Consider contacting fire sprinkler companies NYC to see about other fire prevention components you could install.

2. Wet Floor Signs

Wet floor signs are key items to have handy and should be put out immediately when a spill occurs. If the sign is not put out right away after a liquid spill, not only could someone fall and injure themselves, but the company could be facing an expensive legal battle.

3. First Aid Kits

First aid kits are also very important. These kits will help a business apply small first aid needs to minor injuries. For example, a first aid kit could help stop the bleeding from a small cut which could become infected and lead to more serious health issues.

4. Emergency Exit Signs

Next, your employees should know where all of the emergency exits are in the location. For the customers, make sure that your exit areas are properly highlighted with an appropriate, well-lit sign. All emergency exit routes must follow OSHA’s standard rules

5. Locks on All Doors

Working locks for all doors are also important. They would help in the event that an intruder enters the business with the intention to do harm. Locks are also to protect the business after hours if there was ever a robbery. Simple locks on doors and valuable areas can go a long way.

Installing these safety measures in your business is very crucial and ethical. You can use this as a checklist to walk through your business today and make any improvements to the safety of your company.