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9 Frugal Ways To Make The Most Of The Spring Season


After the frosting period, defrosting seems very pleasant. Isn’t it? Spring is one such season which brings happiness, pleasant atmosphere, and thaws everyone and everything out there from the chills of winter. Spring is a boon given by the almighty – flowers everywhere, greenery all around, and a warm breeze to top it up. Here are some tips and ways to make spring a memorable and enjoyable experience without burning your pocket.

  1. Saunter down the lane or garden

    Take a leisurely walk in your area. What can be more pleasing than that? If you find someone to have a walk with, it’s cherry on the top. However, if you have no one to hang around with, you can stroll with your pets. In addition to cherishing the spring, walking will help you shred those extra pounds as well.
    2. Sit or dine on the patio
    The most idyllic restaurant would be an outdoor restaurant, making the meal even tastier. So, why not enjoy your dinner on the patio, or just have a quality time, chitchatting with your family! Whether your patio is open to the sky or it’s covered to protect you from the rain, installing a good quality outdoor ceiling fan can add to your comfort. Click here to choose from a wide variety of stylish ceiling fans specially designed to withstand the tough external weather.

    3. Go hiking, biking or camping

    These are few activities to spend time together and appreciate the mother earth for being so wonderful. You don’t need to find a faraway place to camp out; it can be done even at the backyard of your house. Just get a rented tent (if you don’t have one), pitch in, and light a bonfire. You can indulge in activities like story telling with friends and family, or just stare at the stars lying back on the hammock.

    4. Bird-watching

    Get a book from library or an online eBook to study and track beautiful birds of all types coming out to play and sing during the spring. A pair of binoculars or camera is a must to capture nature in lenses. If you love hanging bird feeders, then this will help you meet them for free and with fewer efforts at your backyard or windows.

    5. Plant a vegetable garden

    Spring gives us an opportunity to fulfill our gardening hobby. The onset of sun is the best time to plant few of your favorite items like rosemary and vegetable plants. Freshly picked fruits and vegetables from our own garden can save us from trips to the nearby grocery store. They are good for health. If you don’t have enough space, get some pots to plant.

    6. Take a drive

    Driving can be a great way to de-stress, if it’s done with a tension free mind and along a not so busy, scenic road. Beautiful and colorful landscapes in the spring are real blissful; they can give you wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime.
    7. Go shopping to a nearby farm market
    This not only helps the farmers to share their produce but also helps the society to take advantage of the affordably priced healthy produce. It’s a fun experience and it lets you enjoy the season economically without pinching your pocket.

    8. Cook something delicious

    Make some super easy recipes from berries, strawberries with freshly grown or purchased produce and share it with your friends, families, and kids. This can be a great opportunity to have a get together with your loved ones.

    9. Whale Watching

    Whale watching can be another great way to enjoy the spring if you live by the sea or if there’s a water aquarium around. You can take help of professional naturalists to arrange and organize whale watching and other nature trips.
    If you are planning a trip away from your home, make sure to plan it out in advance. Making early bookings for your flights and hotels can save you significant amount of money through bargains and discounts.