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All About Pruning Stepover Apple Trees

Apple Trees

Training trees to be step-over apple trees means regular pruning and trimming nearly all year long, so if you buy apple trees that are the step-over type, just get used to the fact that you’ll be trimming them regularly. Although pruning is relatively easy to learn but incredibly useful, there are advantages to doing it in the winter instead of when it’s warm outside. First of all, you can immediately identify branches that are dead or dying because the leaves are no longer on the tree and, therefore, seeing the branches’ true condition is simpler. If you buy step-over apple trees instead of standard trees, pruning is going to be a part of your life, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be done when the temperature gets high.

A Few More Advantages

Not only are fewer pests and bacterial diseases running around when it’s wintertime, but if you end up accidentally cutting a branch that you weren’t supposed to cut, it will heal a lot faster since it’s cold outside. You can buy apple trees at most nurseries, and if you train them to be step-over trees, choosing the winter months to do your pruning makes sense for a lot of reasons. Regardless of when you buy step-over apple trees, they’ll need a lot of attention once you get them home and plant them, and this includes pruning them during the winter months.

Not as Hard as You Think

Pruning is not difficult once you learn a few tricks, and the experts at the store where you decided to buy apple trees will help you learn how to properly take care of those trees. If you’re going to prune in the winter, you should make sure all of the pruning is complete before the first frost hits. In fact, this is the only rule you need to follow when it’s cold outside and you decide to prune your apple trees. At https://www.fruit-trees.com/, not only can you buy step-over apple trees of all types, but they can teach you what to do to make sure the trees look their best all year long, not just during the summer months. Step-over apple trees are fun to have and look especially good once you learn how to take care of them, and it’s good to know that pruning them is not a difficult task.