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Five Things you need to know about HOA Management Companies

HOA management companies

HOA management companies can save the community a lot of money, time, and stress. In order to help you understand what these Phoenix HOA management companies do for the communities, here are the top things that you should know about HOA management firms.

They are not the homeowners association.

HOA companies are responsible for the community’s governance. This means that communities can create CC&Rs, determine penalties for non-compliance homeowners, and make decisions concerning the appearance and the maintenance of common areas.

HOA boards can be self-managed by elected homeowners or volunteering. The HOA board members are elected homeowners; they are not employees of the HOA management company. The communities may choose to hire a third-party management company to help them enforce policies, help with the ongoing maintenance of common areas, and facilitate communication with homeowners.

Some communities even opt to elect to have an on-site manager to perform such a task. Because such operations are often so integrated, it is easy to make a mistake one for the other. Simply put, when the HOA board makes the rules and the decisions, the HOA management company will help to enforce those rules and the decisions. All decision-making authority usually resides with the association board, not the HOA management company.

The management services are scalable.

The services HOA management company offers vary. Different companies provide a variety of services to fit various community needs. Whether it is a single-family planned living or townhomes, the most basic services include management selection and training, budgeting, emergency service, ongoing resident relations, standard property maintenance, and preservation. However, various companies also provide intermittent services such as recycling and trash pickup, snow removal, seasonal pesticide treatment, towing, and more.

They freely share information upon request.

Many individuals believe that HOA management companies keep secrets from the community, especially concerning the rules and regulations. However, people are more than welcome to enquire about any information at any time.

Building community is their common goal.

Yes, that’s true that goal for management company, the main task is to enforce rules and regulations set by the homeowners association and the board members, and they know that they can make them seem like the enemy, but that’s never their goal. The companies aim to enhance the value and sense of community within the neighborhood.

They pay attention to detail and focus on how they can include the residents every step of the way. They often encourage the boards to plan an event for holidays and fun because they know that happy living is integral to the lifestyle.

They try to respect environmentally friendly practices.

Though it can mostly seem difficult without deed restrictions and architectural guidelines, the HOA management company sees the advantage of “going green.” They understand more and more homeowners are looking for sustainable resources, and they will continue to find new and innovative ways of eco-friendly living.

They encourage their customers to adopt policies concerning solar panels, community gardens, and compositing. Again, though it’s significant to remember that even if they can offer instruction and assistance, they are not supposed to make the rules. Ensure that you check your HOA board before you make any home adjustment that might interfere with any regulations already in place.

The HOA management firms care about the community as much as the property owners do. It is not only their job but their privilege to help optimize home values and work to provide safe and secure environment for all people.