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Three Ways to Improve Your Basement

Improve Your Basement

Basements are often either a great hangout place or an unfinished blight wrought with spiders. Don’t let yours be the latter — here are three things you can implement to make your basement feel more stylish and comfortable.

1. Turn up the Heat

If you don’t have a fireplace already built into your basement, consider getting an insert. Fireplaces add a special cozy feeling that your space heater just can’t compete with. If you’re fortunate enough to have a real fireplace, you can do a lot with them to spice up your basement. Aside from the practical value, a handcrafted fire-pit screen can be a great statement piece. You can also consider painting the fireplace itself for a more modern appearance.

2. Take a Seat

Comfortable and stylish seating can change the entire feeling of your basement. If you’re entertaining large groups, sectional couches feel very inviting. A few well-placed overstuffed seats can create a more casual feeling — these are great for gaming or watching movies. Consider factors such as whether built-in cupholders would be an improvement. It’s also important to decide which material will meet the needs of the people in the house and the activities you might host.

3. Hit the Lights

Just because it’s the basement doesn’t mean it has to be dark like a cellar. That also doesn’t mean you have to have daylight brightness at all times — whatever the lighting situation is, make sure it feels intentional. Lights that can be dimmed are a great option since the can be bright when needed but toned down if you’re watching a movie.

Instead of letting your basement be an afterthought filled with your old furniture, make intentional choices to spruce things up. A basement with the right decor and lighting can easily become the favorite part of any house.