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How to maintain and take care of chair lift for the long run


Stair lifts are indeed an important asset in a commercial building or a residential estate. Today, there are two main types of stair lifts mainly: commercial stair lift and residential stair lift. All in all, they are extremely useful for seniors and individuals that struggle to climb up a flight of stairs. The stair lift acts as a motorized chair that an individual can sit on it and allow it to carry the individual up and down a staircase with ease. It either has a rail or track installed which allows the whole machine to manoeuvre up and down a staircase. It is a great option especially if there is a space constraint as it does not take up as much space as an elevator or lift.

While there are many benefits of having a stair lift, one should not forget that like everything, it has a lifespan and thus it is important to take good care of this asset to ensure that it will work optimally for a longer period of time. In this article, we will provide some tips on how one can maintain the chair lift well.

Remove Debris

If your chair lift is used often and is open to the public, the chances of the machine collecting debris will be high. You can start with the track and ensure that it is free of debris, dirt and objects as they may obstruct the chair lift from operating smoothly when it moving around. The more advanced chair lift models have a safety feature that will ensure that it will stop operation in the event that it encounters any major obstruction in its path.

Avoid Unplugging

Unplugging the connector to the chair lift can damage the chair lift’s battery pack. In general, the chair lift does not use much energy.

Watch The Weight Capacity

Every chair lift has a weight capacity, and the more expensive models can handle a heavier weight. Thus do not test this system and exceed the maximum weight stipulated. This could cause serious damage to your chair lift and certainly would incur a repair cost if or when it breaks down.

Clean & Oil The Seat

To maintain the other parts of the seat, it is important that one oils and cleans the track and the chair lift moving parts once in a while. A chair lift might not be moving as smoothly overtime, and thus it is important that one ensures that the track is lubricated once every few months.

Charge It

Lastly, because the chair lift is motorized and would require energy, ensure that one charges the chair lift fully to ensure that it performs optimally and smoothly at all times.