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How To Remove Stains From Oriental Rugs

Remove Stains From Oriental Rugs

There are several cleaning methods that can help you remove spills and stains from the beautiful oriental rugs. The stains and spills can damage the precious oriental carpets that is why you should take immediate measures. You should not neglect small stains but just the opposite – you need to inspect it from time to time. If you want to protect the beauty of your carpet you should keep it away from moisture. In order to reduce dents you need to change the place of furniture.

If you deal with delicate carpets and you are not sure what they are made of you need to contact anefficient cleaner. If your rug is made from wool you need to use specific cleaning techniques. You should avoid using strong cleaners because they may damage the fabric or heat because it will shrink the carpet. It is recommendable to clean your silk carpets using a professional carpet cleaning service. If you decide to clean silk carpets yourself you need to clean them with solvents.

It is necessary to treat spills and stains immediately after their occurrence. You should absorb any liquids spilled on the rug using an absorbent cloth. You need to blot the stain not scrub it. You should use the gentlest possible cleaning method. If you want to absorb liquids more easily you can try to sprinkle talcum powder on the spotted area and leave it until it gets dry. Then you can vacuum the talcum powder. You should not rub the fabric because you may damage it. For successful cleaning it is recommendable to get the efficient services of a professional carpet cleaner.

If these cleaning techniques do not help you, you can try to remove the stains using a solution made from a mild dish-washing liquid and warm water. You need to spray the solution on the stained area and start blotting with a clean cloth. Remove the soap using a damp cloth and let it dry thoroughly. Carpet cleaning is easy as long as you know the proper cleaning methods.