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How To Select Fabric To Reupholster An Antique

Select Fabric To Reupholster An Antique

Many people like antique furniture because of its ornate design. Another benefit is its durability since it’s usually made from solid timber. However, if the seat is starting to sag or the fabric is faded and worn, you don’t have to get rid of the piece. You can instead choose to revitalise it by having it reupholstered.

However, having a chair or sofa reupholstered can be expensive since it involves completely stripping it down to the frame. The upside is you will have something like brand new when it is finished. Here are tips for selecting the fabric for an upholstery project.

Consider How It’s Used

When you’re having furniture reupholstered, you should consider where the piece will go and how often it will be used when selecting an upholstery fabric. If it is a chair for a bedroom, then it doesn’t need a heavy duty fabric. However, you should select a heavier fabric for a piece in your living area as it will see more use. Non-upholstery fabrics should only be used on decorative furniture.

Check the Fabric Ratings

Upholstery fabrics are rated for durability by machines that rub the fabric until it wears through. There are two different types of tests: The Wyzenbeek and Martindale tests. The Martindale involves rubbing the fabric in a figure-eight pattern and the Wyzenbeek abrasion test involves rubbing the warp and weft of fabric. If you are looking for a heavy duty fabric when having furniture reupholstered at a Hampshire retail furniture store, look on the back of swatches and check for fabrics with at least a Wyzenbeek rating of 30,000 double rubs or a Martindale rating of 40,000 cycles.

Unless you are restoring a piece of furniture with its original look in mind, choose fabric to update the piece’s appearance. Select a different colour or pattern to give it a fresher, more modern style. A reupholstered antique will usually outlast most modern furniture pieces.