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Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable This Summer

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During the hottest days of summer, you may be struggling to keep your home cool. Here are some tips on how to keep your home cool without sending your energy bill through the roof.

Clean Your AC Coils

Your home’s HVAC system needs ongoing maintenance to be able to perform at its best. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t call for service until they notice that something’s off with their HVAC or it stops cooling altogether. Don’t wait until your AC breaks to have it serviced. One of the most commonly neglected service needs is cleaning a unit’s evaporator coils. When the coils become dirty or clogged, air can’t pass through easily and your system won’t be able to function efficiently. For help with AC repair Austin, contact a company that can advise you about your system’s ongoing maintenance needs and how frequently it needs to be cleaned and calibrated to continue working well.

Replace Your AC Condenser

In high heat and humidity, your AC’ condenser outside of your home may have difficulty reaching your climate control needs. It will be particularly difficult if the condenser unit is old or rusted over. Even if the compressor works well, a rusted unit won’t be able to transmit cool air well. Your AC may run almost nonstop trying to keep up. If you need help installing a new condenser, call and HVAC company Austin who offers competitive pricing for a new unit.

Insulate Your Home

Some people think about the importance of insulation as it pertains to heating but not necessary cooling. However, installing insulation in your home’s attic or crawlspace will help to keep your cool air inside and shield your home from the hot air at its highest level. While it’s particularly important to focus on the top of your home which has the most exposure to sunlight, insulating every part of your home including the walls and the areas between floors will help you control the temperature better without needing to run your HVAC unit as much as you normally would.

Keep Your Blinds Closed

On a hot and sunny day, the sunlight streaming in through your windows can raise the temperature in your home significantly. Close the blinds or curtains in rooms when you’re not going to be using them to help keep the rest of your home cool.

Getting AC maintenance, replacing rusted components, insulating your home, and reducing unnecessary sunlight exposure will help you keep your home cool this summer. These steps will keep you more comfortable and make your energy bill more affordable.