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The Construction Industry: Riding the COVID-19 Pandemic Wave Effectively

Construction Industry

The construction industry has been one of the hardest hit industries due to the Novel Corona Virus that resulted in large construction companies having to work under controlled conditions which generally delay progress which in turn increases cost. Even companies that manage smaller projects have been finding it difficult to cope because of the lesser cash flow that they have to contend with which makes outright direct fund injections into projects difficult. This squeeze had a significant impact on the ability of companies dealing with construction projects to generate revenue and the ripple effect is being felt by clients due to higher prices. However, some experienced construction companies have managed to maintain prices and conduct ‘business as usual’ by establishing business partnerships with companies such as Scoop Hire that provide construction equipment for hire as a singular service. This alignment of business strategies has been found to be the perfect strategy for the current situation as contractors are able to manage smaller or niche projects without having to raise much capital. These smaller or niche projects such as landscaping, trenching and home improvement or clearing and demolition work which require expensive equipment that large projects need may be executed with smaller amounts of capital through hires. Residential construction projects or domestic const6ruction projects generally need mini excavators, mini dumpers that are critical to the smoothness of such projects with the element of cost effectiveness intact minus the pressure on working capital. It is based on this phenomenon that companies such as Scoop Hire has built their business model upon, with a wide variety of construction projects related solutions at their disposal.

Scoop Hire offers excavators (both mini and standard excavators) depending on the type of Melbourne excavator hire you require, with prices starting from $200 per day with weekly rates costing even lower. Additionally Scoop Hire also provides auger attachments on rentals not to mention a host of other items suitable for domestic home improvement projects especially in residential areas which do not have much space for large machines. For further inquiries on the type of services and a list of construction equipment that we have on offers just visit the Scoop Hire website. We have professional service representatives who will be more than happy to attend to your needs and answer whatever questions you may have about your project. Establishing a win-win relationship that is strategic would be the best decision yet for your company ever since the pandemic reared its ugly head towards the world. Keeping cost low and maximising profit is the only sure way to go about things in the current economic situation. It has become essential for construction companies to maintain a positive cash flow and the best way to do it given the current situation is by not investing too much into equipment that could deplete cash flow.