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Tips To Prevent Mold In Your Home

Mold In Your Home

Mold is found in over 50% of homes, and it does more than just look bad. Some forms of mold can cause serious and even fatal health issues. Mold is one of the most common causes of mold damage in homes, and depending on the severity of the damage, homeowners can lose thousands of dollars in home renovation costs. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent mold from entering your home. Here are 7 tips and tricks for preventing mold in your home that every homeowner needs to know.

Measuring indoor humidity

Mold can only grow if there’s moisture in the air. But spills and leaks aren’t the only things that can cause mold to grow. Air humidity and water vapour are two of the most common causes of mold growth. If you have found mold growing in your home or are worried about it, you’ll want to invest in a moisture meter. Hygrometers are inexpensive devices that measure your home’s current indoor humidity levels in real time. You can set it up in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else you’d like to keep an eye on. Mold prevention is as simple as monitoring the humidity levels in your home on a daily basis.


Second most important for mold prevention is ventilation. The air in your home can only hold a certain amount of water vapor. Due to changes in temperature, water may evaporate instead of evaporating. If you notice water beading on your windows or walls, it’s a good idea to keep your windows open. Proper indoor ventilation can help prevent this from happening.

Using household exhaust fans

Most homes come with two exhaust fans, one in the kitchen and one in the master bathroom. Those fans aren’t just for show. They’re designed to help vent smoke and moisture out of your home. Keep your kitchen’s exhaust fans running while boiling water, or you’ll be introducing new water vapor into your home. Water vapour can stick to kitchen walls, which can encourage mold growth and increase indoor humidity. You’ll want to do the same thing whenever you use your bathtub or shower. Steam will condense onto your vanity, walls, and ceiling without the help of an exhaust fan, so don’t leave it to chance. As a general rule of thumb, wiping down wet shower walls can also help keep your tiles free from mold and scum.

Look for outdoor drainage

Your landscaping already knows how to prevent mold from growing. However, you need to keep an eye on the path that water takes. In a perfect world, your home sits on a gentle slope, which means that the water will drain out of your property. However, if water starts to pool around your home, it can cause serious mold problems. This is because the moisture will seep down into your home’s foundation and seep in.

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