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All That You Need To Know About Curtain And Drape Combination

Curtain And Drape

Blinds are used interchangeably with curtains in some places. They offer endless customization options. While it’s acceptable to use both, a combination of the two is a trend. When used together, they can combine privacy with adequate light. What are the differences between the two? It may seem like blinds and curtains are similar. Below are a few differences between the two.

Window Blinds vs. Curtains

Window blinds cover the windows. They are twisted or turned using the slats to control light. On the other hand, curtains are used to cover the window with only fabrics suspended from a rail. While blinds can be used for any window in your home, curtains are not suitable for kitchen and bathroom windows. Since blinds and curtains have different features, they can be used together for sound control.

Matching the fabric

When using curtains and blinds together, make sure to choose the blind first. The most popular blinds are roller and Venetian. They look great with simple drapes or simple solids. If you want a natural look, choose timber blinds that will add a warm and cosy shade to your room. For this pair, choose a muted fabric for your curtains. If your walls are bright, such as blue or white, add burnt orange curtains to a timber blind for a natural look. If orange isn’t in your colour scheme, go for white or light cream curtains.

Pairing prints with solids

If you prefer curtains with prints, choose solid blinds, and vice versa. Minimizing the number of prints on both the curtains and blinds can create an overpowering effect in the room, and if the room is small, it will feel cramped. The best way to do this is to choose the prints on the curtains and the colors on the blinds. For example, you could choose timber blinds with solid color curtain with prints. This will create layers of texture and blend colors and patterns to add an artistic touch to the room.

Amplify the room’s size

Another benefit of combining blinds with curtains is that it creates the illusion of larger windows and rooms. If the curtains and blinds are well matched, they will make you feel like you have bigger windows. You can achieve this effect by adding Roman shades under the ceiling and on the mantle curtain rods that are at the same height as your blinds. Extend your blinds 30-60cm from the window.

Sheer curtains and dark blinds

Sheer curtains provide optimal light without glare inside. The addition of dark blinds creates an interesting contrast and gives you more control over the light. The combination enhances the look of the room and makes it look beautiful.

Use layered effect

The combination of blinds and curtains is one of the most powerful ways to enhance the beauty of a room. You can use Roman blinds to make your room warm, cosy, and welcoming. Layering blinds under curtains creates a sense of completeness. You can use sheer curtains, textured curtains, or curtains made of bonded fabric. For a balanced look, choose threading with no heavy sheen and metallic threading.

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