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What to Think About as a Lake Manager?

Lake Manager

While you may think it is a cool thing to be in charge of a lake, it is not as easy it looks. You cannot just let it sit there, assuming it will take of itself. There are proper procedures and steps you should take to ensure it is environmentally. Here are three things to think about if you manage a lake.

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What you have in your lake is important to keep up with. If you stock your water with certain species of fish, be mindful to place rules concerning how fishing should occur in that water, whether you limit how many can be caught or establish a catch and release policy. If you do not provide the fish for the lake, you need to have a continual awareness of what is in it. Some are harmful to others and maybe detrimental to some fish species.


Although you may think there is no problem with whatever is growing at the bottom of your lake, algae and other plants should be properly monitored and taken care of. You will need to look for the proper chemicals and tools that assist with weed control for lakes. Before doing anything on your own, have specialists and trained professionals come look at the lake and advise you on what needs to be done. Improper care and incorrect chemicals could damage the lake more.


Your water levels and property area should be kept track of each year. Follow the suggested guidelines for making sure your records are accurate and up to date. Keep an eye on what is happening around the pond, as well as in it. Have your water tested regularly to maintain control of any pollutants or bacteria that could endanger the aquatic life in it or those who may come in contact with it.

Whether your lake is for public use or a private landscape, you need to know how to take care of it. Consider these areas as you manage your body of water.