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Reasons Why you Should Consider UPVC Double Glazing

UPVC Double Glazing

Ask any Australian homeowner about energy conservation and they will tell you that saving energy is a number one priority, and one of the best ways to insulate your home is to replace the windows with bespoke UPVC units that are double glazed and designed to insulate your home. If you have never considered replacing your timber windows with state of the art UPVC double glazing, here are just a few of the reasons why it makes perfect sense.

  1. Energy Saving – The long, hot summers sure do tax your air-conditioning system, as the compressor battles to maintain a desirable temperature, and by installing UPVC windows, you can save up to 40% of your annual energy bill, which is good for the environment and your pocket. In the cooler months, your valuable heat will be retained within your home, meaning you don’t need to heat your home as much and as often. Your HVAC system will certainly thank you for installing UPVC windows, as its workload will be greatly reduced, and that benefits your pocket as well as prolonging the life of your climate control system. Imagine how much you would save in 5, or even 10 years? This is the main reason that so many Australian homeowners choose UPVC double glazing, and who could blame them when you look at the many benefits.
  2. Boost Home Security – Ask any seasoned burglar and they will gladly confirm that windows are a primary source of forced entry, especially old softwood frames, which can easily be forced open; yet when a house breaker sees UPVC double glazed windows, they keep on walking, knowing they are impenetrable. Aside from the toughened safety glass, the two glass panes are sealed with a 20mm gap, making it almost impossible to penetrate, and the frames are solid and cannot be levered open. Every window opening has its own locking system and when you go away for your annual holiday, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your home is secure.
  3. Increase the Value of your Property – When you install made to measure UPVC double glazed windows in your home, you are making a very good long-term investment, plus you get to enjoy many years of added comfort, insulation and security. If you have your house valued after having UPVC windows installed and compare that with a similar property that does not have double glazing, you will be pleasantly surprised to see what a big difference it makes.
  4. Sound Insulation – You have no real idea how much background noise there is; until it disappears, and that’s what happens when you install double glazing – no more dogs barking and the sound of next door’s lawnmower is barely audible.

If you would like to learn more about UPVC double glazed windows, a Google search will take you to a local supplier. There are, of course, many such companies, so do your homework before making any decisions, and make sure the company is well established in the region.