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What You Need to Know About Cost of Architects for Expansion Projects


If you build a structure and later feel like you want to expand it to accommodate more, you can easily do that. You may not need an architect because the work could be straightforward, meaning that it will not affect the building’s structure. For this, you can hire an experienced builder to do the job for you, and it will turn out great.

However, it is much safer when you use an architect for the expansion that you need to do. Sometimes people have second thoughts when hiring an architect for building extension because of the cost. Here is what you need to know about the cost of an architect for expansion projects.

Construction Cost

If the expansion you want requires an architect, then you should first consider the cost. Also, calculate the amount of money needed to buy all items necessary for the construction. If there are any tools that need to purchasing, these should be included in the construction budget. These costs are essential because some architects ask for a certain percentage of the construction cost as payment. A rough estimate of the total construction cost will help you determine how much you will pay for your architect.


You could be doing a small expansion such as increasing the size of a room slightly. This modification will not attract a high architect cost. It is because it will be simple to draw end will not consume so much time. If the expansion you are getting is large and complex, you would need to pay slightly more than someone who is doing a small extension. Luckily, agencies such as Humphreyandsons offer free advice on such projects, making it easy to plan for expansion projects. A large expansion can be adding several rooms or increasing the whole space of various rooms. The more complex your expansion is, the more expensive it becomes.

Experience and Expertise

Whenever you are handling any construction work, you need to involve a reputable architect. It will ensure that the structure you are building is strong and lasts for a long time. Blueprints drawn by an amateur architect who does not have a lot of experience might have some mistakes. To avoid this, you should make sure that the architect you are hiring is experienced and knows what they are doing. Such architects will cost slightly more than those who are not experienced.


When you are getting any goods or services, you are more inclined to pick the one that costs less. It is good because it can help you save on some money. However, when something is too cheap, you should be very cautious about it. Architects that charge significantly low prices are probably beginner architects aiming to make quick money. Sometimes these architects can do the work opening, but it is not advisable to take such a risk.

The best thing you should do is look through different Architects and their prices and figure out an average. Anything that falls in the average price range is good.